Glenview IL, LV NV, i.e Earth...

Bio: "Born To Love, Living To Love!" I do not want money at the expense of another, I am not willing to use another for my material gain, my heart would never allow it! There are corrupt unloving, uncaring people who have no morals who are filled with the disease of greed causing them to do all manor of evil onto their fellow man and women, they lie and project their own evil nature unto the character of good liberal people with hearts for others! These thieving rich conservatives hate the liberal rich and try to spread lies about them for they fear in countries like America, the conservative rich fear if the people know what is true they know the people will vote them out and they will loose their free ride paid for by the blood, sweet and tears of the poor and middle class working people! ( From My Post: The GOP Creates An Atmosphere Of Corruption, Oppression, Deception and Hate! http://wp.me/p4mCzX-7p Glenview, IL. and Las Vegas, NV, USA Male, age 50 committed relationship Causes: Rights Of All Sentient Beings, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, All Progressive, Liberal to benefit all! Progressive, Animal Lover. Looking out for right's of Workers, Voters, Animals, Women, Veterans, Seniors, the Oppressed, the Meek. Exposing GOP as Cruel & Godless! "I Never Guess. It is a capital mistake, insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of twisting theories to suit d Facts!" Sherlock Holmes, ~Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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