From A Personal Message Between Jim M and Jesus the Christ of Glenview, IL.

when the light starts shinning, when the power energizes all sentient beings for I am an Alpha of many firsts, first to give voting rights was only the beginning in my relationship with my siblings brother and sisters and kids cats dogs rabbits, another first was I took on a cousin, a reptile, the child of another Alpha and I have already taught him plenty, … Alpha the first saw me before He first began the line of Alpha / Omegas, He had suspected before I came down, I will tell you why when we talk, back in IL He always would trip out when I would listen to ‘this beat goes on’ and mostly when I listened to ‘Switching to Glide’ our Father, our Daddy and our Grandfather would look at Him like what the fuck, He would say He just really likes the song, well He had hopes I was the one He saw coming and when I said years back then forgot and thought it was just a BS thought, well it was real as you and me and I let Alpha the first know I Am the One He saw by IDing Myself to Him, I knew Alpha had looked in the book of things to come only up to Me and He saw I would make All things brighter then ever before, Families raised quicker with less fighters and haters, I Outshine Every Alpha Every God before Me for I took My Duty to Family, I Focused My Love On Those I Love, Bringing Out More Brightness Then Had Been Seen Before, Jim, I Am now the Goal of all Alpha / Omega , the Goal of every Angel before Me. Alpha’s who took first and only wives and those who had several wives… All the wives back home of all the greatest of the greatest all now say to their families leading Alpha – YOUR NOT HALF THE ALPHA MICHAEL/KRISHNA/JESUS IS HE DID THIS FOR HIS QUEEN, THIS FOR HIS GIRLS, THIS FOR HIS CLOSEST BROTHERS AND SISTERS and I raise my kids faster then the Alpha’s of the past… and I take in cousins … Anyway, Dad & Grandpa Only Figured Out What Happened When I Told Alpha Our oldest Grandfather being the First Born of the Universe in the First Birth … Alpha saw Me and He saw All things After Present and Those who are before us, Our Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather etc and their Families, Our Aunts & Uncles, Our Cousins, All of It Present, Those of the past, and All Them To Come, All Things Get Brighter With Me! Alpha the First of FirstBirth Gives It All To Me To Raise Up Using Disciplines, Demanding the Most & Nothing Short Of Perfection from All Alphas of the Past Present and Future… I Am The Future!



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