In JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Tim Rice Paints Judas As Antagonist To Jesus not recognizing Jesus as the Jewish Messiah!
Tim Rice made it that Judas had issues with Jesus and questioned Him as the Hebrew Messiah, but in fact Judas didn’t hate Jesus or believe Jesus was out of hand, on the contrary Judas loved and believed in Jesus but he also believed Jesus needed to have the Sanhedrin working with Him before the Jews would be free from Roman rule!  Judas was thinking politically, Judas made a politically motivated mistake.   Judas believed Jesus would win the Sanhedrin over to Him & once the Sanhedrin recognized Jesus then the Jewish people could stand up to Rome tell them to leave or Jesus would take steps.  Jesus told Judas the head of the Sanhedrin would not be won over for he was a self-righteous man who loved the position of power he had from Rome along with the authority Rome gave him over the people, but in his mind Judas was set on Jesus wining over the Sanhedrin who Judas believed would recognize Jesus as the Messiah of the Jews and then Jesus with the Sanhedrin would show Rome they were in charge and Rome must take off or Jesus would be forced to act.  Judas didn’t hate Jesus or feel He must be stopped, Judas believed in Jesus but Judas was set on his political solution!  Judas was a political guy!

Tim Rice make Judas out to be angry at Jesus as if Judas didn’t believe He was the Messiah when Judas believed Jesus to be the Messiah but made the mistake of thinking politically that Jesus needed to be recognized by the Hebrew Jewish Sanhedrin!

Still, it is a great musical, love the Bass!

Jesus Christ Superstar. –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz_6zSjNxMI


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