Wal-Mart’s Corrupt Secret!

Do people realize how the right-wing greedy people in high places within the Wal-Mart Kingdom reveal their used & abused labor force are greatly underpaid?  Every Thanksgiving & Christmas the labor force ( those who earn the money taken by the big “cats” ) on these holidays they demand time off to be with their families, but even though on these holidays with everyone being home with their families and with Wal-Mart having to pay time-and-a-half and even double-time to all laborers forced to work, and even with Wal-Mart only getting maybe 10% of their normal sales, for everyone is with their family & friends, yet these rich right-wing republican money-lusting conservatives demand the labor force works these holidays cause even paying double-time when they only have 5%, 10% of their normal sales, they still make a killing!  They can pay every employee they have $25 an hour without having to cut jobs at all and they will still make big bucks themselves while they sit back like Lords & Kings while their Serfs are slaving away busting their butts to support not their own families nor themselves, but they are forced to support rich spoiled lazy greedy corrupt right-wing Godless lying corrupt Republican bigots!

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