How My Dad Was Connected To Tony Curtis, Allan Dorfman & A Nephew Of Frank ( Lefty ) Rosenthal!

A Page Of History Of the Life Of Tony Curtis! History of Allan Dorfman & Sony Goldstein nephew of Frank (Lefty) Rosenthal!

My dad was a close friend to Tony Curtis and encouraged him to make acting a career!
In Chicago My Dad Had Sent Tony Curtis To the Jewish Theater in Chicago where Tony Curtis Curtis worked briefly in the Yiddish theater in Chicago, where he kept himself entertained in schlocky roles by ad-libbing lines like “I would rather be in the movies!”  In Chicago Tony Lost His first Love Merle who had turned Tony down several times when he asked her to marry him, Tony lost Merle to Al Kraft One Of My Dad’s Closest Friends and a one time friend then rival of Tony’s. Tony wound up leaving that circle do to Merle choosing Al Kraft & Tony ( Bernard Schwartz ) went on to be famous!
Merle was born in Italy and wound up in Chicago!

Allan Dorfman step-son of Paul ( Red ) Dorfman, was known as ‘Andy Stone’ in the movie ‘Casino.’ Red Dorfman was called the conduit between the mob and big labor.
My Dad, was once super close w Allan Dorfman of the Teamsters who was called Andy Stone in the movie ‘Casino,’ they boxed on the same team, and co-captained a basket-ball team in Chicago.
Sony Goldstein was a nephew to Frank ( Lefty ) Rosenthal, in the movie Casino they called him Sam Rothstein.  My dad was super close with Sony Goldstein from teen years & my dad was one of the coffin carriers of Sony.
For a brief moment, my dad ran a “trial” game behind, in the back of a tavern in Chicago. It is not a game known today, it was a “trial” game that was being tested, it died where it began.
My Dad got work with Chicago Park District & later 25 – 30 years chief accountant with a Chicago Oil Co while remaining close with Sony Goldstein. There was no falling out with my dad & Allan Dorfman, they just wound up going down different roads!
Sony often traveled from Chicago to LV to Chicago…
When I was about 10 Sony told my dad that when I turned 16 he had work for me. Sony was impressed having seen when I was about 10 yrs of age that the threats of my Dad & Sony & another close friend of theirs, Jack Merkin that Sony would put me in a hole in the desert when I was mouthy first to my dad then to all 3, they told me it was one thing to mouth off to them, but to mouth off to Sony I’d wind up in a hole in the desert!  I didn’t blink an eye, I went on knowing who Sony was & what he & his people did, I told him straight up that I had a free pass due to my age, his associates and or superiors wouldn’t couldn’t attack a kid or have one of their associates do so, it would cause big problems, & it just wasn’t considered right, it was taboo! They were very family oriented!  Sony was impressed and told my dad he wanted to recruit me once I was 16 the outfit could use a mind like mine, I told him I wouldn’t ever be a killer, but I told him, I like to drive and I could carry a gun though it may or may not ever see use!  Sony was impressed with my thinking / knowledge ability to reason & felt they could use a mind like mine and he told me & my Dad who was the main accountant for an Chicago Oil Co. that he wanted me in, my dad told Sony- no no, don’t make him that offer, I said I’m no killer, & I don’t steal or make my way at the expence of any other,  but I like to drive ( I knew that I would like to drive, which I truly did once I was 15/16 and still do)!  By the time I turned 16 I was not going to take orders from those Sony worked with, I had my own mind, so, I went my way saying to Sony, thank you, no!  He had hoped to introduce me to the “powers that be ( were )” and if not for both my assertion that it wasn’t for me & with my dad telling Sony he didn’t want me getting involved in those matters, well, Sony backed off!  Sony told me if I changed my mind, contact him & he would bring me in.
The Oil Co my dad was with for over 25 years made so much money for the owners they simply decided they had way more then they’ll ever need including for their family, though business was still booming, they closed up the company,’ after that my dad became 1/2 owner of a garbage disposal service with another friend from his teen years, actually earlier than his teen years, they were close in grade school before going to Marshal High in Chicago, but the well known cliche came true for them & going into business with a close friend didn’t work out for them, my dad left the garbage disposal service & it was years before he and Jack ( not Merkin ) finally made up.
Years later, after the close of the Stardust where my dad, mom & I were treated like princes and princess when we would visit Vegas, years later, I believe it was the late 1990s while Frank Rosenthal ( Lefty ) was living in Florida, his nephew died and my dad had a spot caring his coffin!
Though my dad was the one who got Tony Curtis to go to the Jewish Theater in Chicago, with Merle turning Tony’s proposals down again & again, Tony went his separate way, and though my dad moved to Las Vegas in 1987 & though he & Tony never had a falling out, he never once looked up Tony who was living in Henderson ( Las Vegas ), it was as if they never knew each other.

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2 thoughts on “How My Dad Was Connected To Tony Curtis, Allan Dorfman & A Nephew Of Frank ( Lefty ) Rosenthal!

  1. The first time I had met Sony Goldsten who worked for his uncle and his associates going from Chicago to Vegas to NY to Chicago to Vegas to NY over & over, the first time I met Sony I was told he was a police officer, I remember Sony didn’t like that but kept quite! By 10 I knew who Sony was & whom he worked with and what they did!
    The partnership in the garbage disposal service wound up breaking up a terrific friendship for 20 + years, but finally that was amended!
    My dad had remand close with the brothers who owned the Chicago Oil Co., one of the brothers’ son went on to produce movies…
    We use to have 8 mil and super 8 film clips with my dad & Tony Curtis and other friends they had, both in Illinois, Wisconsin & California. We also had photos, I believe are all now lost!

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