The Day DESCATES’ Mind, Died!

I would like to point out that in reading ‘Personal Letters of Rene Descartes’ Rene writes a friend that it is his belief a demon has caused him to have several experiences that he was not an individual, this of-course caused much problems on his mind for he felt the demon was trying to convince him he didn’t exist conflicting with his famous “Cogito Ergo Sum” ( I Think, Therefore I Am. ).  What Descartes had experienced was “Cosmic Consciousness” the Spirit of the Universe ( Brahman, the Holy Spirit { Not God } ), the Spirit of life in all sentient life beings!
It was a experience he failed to grow from for rather then to understand he experienced “Cosmic Consciousness” he was convinced a demon had been trying to deceive him into thinking he as an individual didn’t exist! At lest 3 times he had the experience and it only messed with his mind for as he wrote a friend more than once, he was convinced a demon was deceiving him to believe he didn’t exist which of-course would cause conflict with his primary truth “I Think, Therefore I Am.”


Error Error Error!

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Anti Em / Uncle Henry Its A Twister, It’s A Twister!!!

Descartes Eats Static!

You’ll have to excuse me doctor, I’m receiving several distress calls!


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