Not All People Are Bad! Some People Would Never Hurt Another! How Liberals Are Of Highter Quality Then Conservatives!

Mr / Mrs / Miss Republican: You Make A Foolish Assertion, You Realize There Is Evidence Of Southern White Right-wing Conservatives Having Kept People Like Slaves But You Fail To Inform Readers Those Southern Right-wing Conservatives Were Not At All Liberal Or Progressive For In Truth Though You Are Not Willing To Admit It, In Truth No Liberal / Progressive Had Partaken In The Southern Conservative Right-wing Practice Of Enslaving People! To Be Liberal / Progressive By Definition Makes It Not Possible To Keep Or Treat People The Way Right-wing Conservative Users & Abusers Of Others Treat People! You Don’t Want To Admit This Put Not All People Would Do Suck Evil Things As The Southern Racist Bigoted Right-wing Conservatives Have & Want To Resume Doing! Liberal & Progressive By Definition Requires The Person To Not Be Selfish Self-centered, Thinking Only Of Ones Own Pleasures Willing To Deprive Others Of Their Rights, NO, YOUR ARE FULL OF IT, YOU COMMENT IS 100% BS! THAT YOU SAY SUCH LIES DOES NOT CHANGE HISTORY! THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SOME GOOD PEOPLE WHO WOULD NEVER COMMIT THE ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVES! JUST BECAUSE REPUBLICANS DON’T HAVE CARE FOR OTHERS, JUST BECAUSE REPUBLICANS HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND DON’T TREAT THEM AS THEY DESERVE DOES NOT MEAN IT IS TRUE THAT ALL PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT AND EVIL! ALONG WITH EVIL RIGHT-WING THIEVING RACIST BIGOTED CONSERVATIVES THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN GOOD PEOPLE ON EARTH AS WELL AND THESE GOOD PEOPLE ARE TO THE LEFT, THE FURTHER LEFT ONE GOES THE BETTER, MORE CHRIST-LIKE ONE IS! LUKE 6:20-31; 10:25-37; 12:48; 14:12-24; 16:19-25 MATT 6:19-24; 22:9; 25:37-44 AS THE GREATEST MOST LIBERAL MOST PROGRESSIVE OF ALL, THE LORD GOD JESUS SPOKE OF BOTH GOOD PEOPLE LIBERAL IN NATURE AKIN TO JESUS AND HE SPOKE OF THOSE WHO ARE EVIL CORRUPT WHO LIE LIKE THE DEVIL! ROME WAS FORCED BY THE RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS LEADERS TO CRUCIFY JESUS FOR HE SPOKE AGAINST THEIR GREED, POWER TRIPS, THEIR CORRUPT NATURE WHILE THEY CALLED THEMSELVES GOOD! BUT THE LORD GOD JESUS MADE IT CLEAR THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE AND THOSE / THESE PEOPLE, GOOD PEOPLE WOULD NEVER HURT ANOTHER PERSON AS RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVES DO! YOUR LIE DOES NOT DRAG GOOD PEOPLE DOWN TO RIGHT-WING CURSED WRETCHED NATURE! Explainer: How Democrats and Republicans ‘Switched Sides’ on civil rights Republicans Want The Return Of Slavery | Caseclosed2’s Weblog 13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News | Bob Cesca Reagan/Bush administrations gave chemicals and weapons to Saddam Hussein | Latest News Syria The Reason There Are Many Who Fall For Right-wing Lies Is Explained At The Following Links: Sorry Conservatives, Science Says You’re Stupid Low Intelligence Linked to Conservatism & Racism See Also : Conservatives Teach “ANOTHER JESUS” Not Found In The Bible The Republican GOP Wants To Restrain Government From Stopping the Corrupt Greedy Interests Of Thieving Big Business At America’s Expense! **If your corrupt & evil and you go into business do you want Democrats that regulate business that demand you pay at least a set amount and charge no more then a set amount and sell a good quality product and stand behind it willing to make good if need be;, or do you want republicans who give greedy evil corrupt dishonest violent parasites freedom to underpay overwork labor & overcharge consumers while they disregard the earth because it cost money to dispose of things safely??? A: Answer = if you are corrupt greedy & evil without morals you want republicans so you don’t have government policing you & protecting labor/working people from your evil vile corrupt terrorism!** We know who is for regulation and who is against it! We know Reagan & Bush pushing no regulation caused the greatest economic injustice giving more and more of what poor & middle class workers earn, repubs give it to lazy greedy spoiled right-wing business tycoons… History Proves : The Biggest Threat to America is the GOP’s Domestic Right Wing Extremists 80-year study: Democrats better at economics | Democratic Presidents Are Better for the Economy – Bloomberg Business Economy Does Better Under Democrats – Business Insider The numbers don’t lie: Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans. My Pain Is Mitt Romney’s Gain: My Story as a Sensata Worker | Tom Gaulrapp Bush’s policies widen gap between rich and poor | The Lantern Unemployment Rate Down 0.5% in 56 Months Since Obama Became President The Real Threats To America’s Security Are Conservatives Within Our Borders Inside The Sickness That Makes Republicans Hate Poor Children Republican Rep. Suggests Poor Kids Sweep School Cafeteria to Earn Their Food (Video) | Americans Against the Tea Party Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing – Forbes Reagan’s AIDS Legacy / Silence equals death – SFGate Hillary’s Lawyer Sues Ohio To Thwart Voter Suppression Tactics That Helped The GOP Steal Ohio In 2004 | Alternet Why Do Republicans Hate Democracy? | Crooks and Liars Republicans Do Love a Constitution, Just Not Ours – Forward Progressives Most corrupt administration in U.S. history Reagan’s was the most corrupt administration in the lifetime of most Americans The GOP ‘Borrowed’ your SocialSecurity Money for their Wars Senate Republicans Betray U.S. Vets By Blocking Veterans Benefits Bill Republicans Vote Against Benefits for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans | Human Rights Campaign AynRandVersusJesus BrgCdPGCUAEhOeU.jpg largeangry_jesus_memepolitifact_photos_Occupy_Democrats_posterBmgUuuSCYAEwNU8.jpg largeBz9E_1VCEAAXX2V.jpg large

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