The Illusion Of Freedom!

There are some who never work, never do a thing for anyone but they live off the hard work of underpaid overworked overcharged laborers and consumers.  These corrupt leeches and parasites are given freedom to live off others by the Republican Conservative Right-wing GOP!

These right-wing bigoted parasites think they are entitled to live off the poor and middle class who they’ve drained dry over eons of class abuse!   These corrupt Republicans are the same way to American troops who they quickly send to fight for them but when it comes time to pay them when they return home and help them get skills, jobs survive until they get stable again the republicans who love to say they love our troops, the republicans vote to deny these vets back pay, services, medical help, once again the republicans use and abuse people!  Only a few can have the wealth they’ve stolen from the people who are commodities to them like gold, bacon, wheat and orange juice!

The American worker, the U.S. working class is not free, they have not departed much from days of serfdom they are still servants of right-wing corrupt lords and kings!



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