The Story Behind The Moody Blues – DAWNING IS THE DAY!

It was 1968 or 1969, that Justin Hayward & John Lodge the biggest of the Moody Blues were in a limo combing the streets of Cook County IL, they were looking for someone! Up a street in the northern suburbs of Chicago half way up a block they had the driver stop in fount of a house where a young boy sitting outside His home had his arm around a girl. They stared out the back window at the boy & asked are you Him? They felt something really strong loving from the boy. The boy told them He was taking care of the girl, the girl was known by Mickey, her name had been Mary. Justin & John inquired more what are you doing? The boy again said I’m taking care of Mickey. Justin & John said they could feel Him before they arrived. The boy responded yes, and I’m taking care of Mickey! After a few minutes they decided they didn’t find who they were looking for just someone very very loving & strong, so they smiled saying your going to be big, your one of the greatest… The boy nodded saying ‘I’m giving love to Mickey, taking care of her, sharing…. with that said they had the driver pull away… They didn’t go far, they went up the street made the first left to the next street made a left down to the next street, made left, made a left… they made 4 lefts (they drove around the block and again they had the driver stop in front of the house where the boy was sitting outside with His arm around Mickey! They were asking Him “are you” without saying who! The Boy said you can feel me, but was not asked for by name. Again Justin & John stared smiling a few minutes, then they drove off.

Two Justin Hayward songs ‘I Know Your Out There Somewhere’ and ‘In Your Wildest Dreams’ take a moment, is Justin having a romantic love affair with a girl from his past, what would his wife say about this. No, these two song are not even to a girl. Justin & John are both looking for one person!

John said publicly ‘Emilie’s Song’ is all about his daughter when she was born, THINK: “and in the morning of my life and in the evening of my day I will try to understand in what you say” ( goo goo ) “then when my eyes were closed you opened them for me” ( laying in her crib she did that? NOT! ) “and we’ll stand beside you now in what you say” ( goo goo gaga YOU THINK? ) “take me into your world alone I can not go” ( a world of diapers YOU THINK )!
Justin Hayward & John Lodge Believe themselves to have been ( to be the reincarnations of ) two of the twelve apostles of JESUS and they wrote the 1975 Hayward/Lodge album called ‘Blue Jays’ to Jesus looking for Him on earth! Prior to ‘Blue Jays’ a couple/few songs on a couple earlier Moody Blues albums were also to Jesus & about Jesus! Before going further, I was once super close to Justin & John, very super close! Moody Blues albums for 1978 – 1988 were packed with Hayward/Lodge songs looking for Jesus! Ray Thomas though not claiming to have known Jesus physically in the flesh, Ray wrote the song ‘Painted Smile’ with “just give me a chance to do my turn for you” to Jesus. Check out these songs on ‘Blue Jays’ here on youtube search: Who Are You Now – Blue Jays & Remember Me, My Friend – Blue Jays & My Brother – Blue Jays & ( listen to the 3 songs first before ) Saved By The Music – Blue Jays ( a smile from Your face, where the light comes shining through, all its strength it came from You ) & I Dreamed Last Night – Blue Jays & etc etc etc For in depth info It is a WordPress link very well known & 100% Safe! From albums before ‘Blue Jays’ when they were very discrete note these: the song ‘Minstrel Song’ & ‘Dawning Is The Day’ in other songs note lines like “where the two who learned the secret now are one” “I’m never gonna loose your precious gift”
And does anyone really believe Justin’s songs ‘In Your Wildest Dreams’ ‘I Know Your Out There Somewhere’ do you really think both these songs are to a girl Justin knew from his youth/teen years? Get real, Ask His Wife!!! Maybe later we will go through a song credited to Michael Pinder called ‘When Your A Free Man Again’ Start With ‘Blue Jays’ esp the 3 song named above, and click the link I gave above, and…. your welcome!

Dawning Is the Day

I Know Your Out There Somewhere

Your Wildest Dreams

Emilie’s Song

Who Are You Now?

Remember Me, My Friend

My Brother


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