There Is Zero Logic In Voting Republican: There Is Only Danger!

There Is Zero Logic In Voting Republican: There Is Only Danger!

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Republicans put people out of work causing unemployment! The GOP Denies any follow up on health, vocational training, no help to veterans after they’ve used them to take care of their wants. Republicans vote to let corrupt employers underpay overwork labor & overcharge consumers! Obama & Dems saved the US Auto industry, saved millions of jobs, Dems have guaranteed students a future republicans have trespassed on poor & middle class, lower upper class! It is only the corrupt abusive republicans who have used & abused people for thousands of years for before there were republicans there were corrupt people who took advantage of those in a weaker political, financial position. Republicans don’t want you to know the slave keepers of Americas south did not become the Democrats of today, today’s republicans were the slave holders, the Democrats became republicans. Corrupt greedy spoiled wealthy republicans take advantage of everyone from every side; and as a rose is a rose, corrupt rich & powerful republicans have been using & abusing from the first civilizations! The Egyptians who enslaved the Jews, the oppressive lords and kings of Europe! These people, this kind of person is still with us, today in business the rich right-wing republicans who live off everyone!
WHY would you be against Obama & Democrats and side with republicans who rig everything on every side for corrupt greedy spoiled powerful right-wing rich republicans??? Because Obama & Dems brought us out of the Bush-07-Recession that was going into a depression? Because they saved over 7 million jobs even though republicans fought against / voted against every bill to create jobs- since 09? Because they saved the US Auto Ind? Because after Bush, Obama & Dems restored America’s name abroad? Because unlike the republicans he believes that our veterans are not just here to defend rich bigoted self-righteous right-wingers who vote against paying Vets and vote to deny them benefits they deserve, you want him out because he wants veterans to be paid for what they do not just hand everything to corrupt lazy freeloading spoiled right-wing republican tycoons who only use & abuse veterans as they use & abuse working people & everyone? Why????
Light At End Of Bush-07-Recession: Employers Report Highest Graduate Recruiting in 15 Years –
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