Like It Or Not: There Are No Conservative Christians

Like It Or Not: A Tree is known by it’s fruits: Right-wing doctrines are totally out of line with the teachings of Jesus, fulfilling the words of Jesus “Thus in vain do the masses worship God, teaching their own man-made doctrines not God’s….”  “You have not come to God yourselves and you hinder those who were on their way!”
Calling yourself Christian does not make you Christian!  You must follow Jesus to be Christian you must accept Jesus as He is or you live a lie!  Gospels prove Jesus is anti-conservative & very Liberal: Luke 6:20-31>; 12:48; 14;13; 16:19-25 Matt 6:19; 15:9, 25:37-44 etc etc etc!

God teaches “Flesh begets flesh, Spirit begets Spirit!” “Be Not Carnal Minded!” “God Is Spirit, God created us in His Image, Spirit!” To think sperm/egg can create a Spiritual Soul is Blaspheme! A Soul Can’t enter a fetus until the brain can house it! Biblical Evidence / The Bible teaches God Is Pro-Choice which is prolife:
Biblical evidence reveals God is Pro-choice and a fetus is not considered a person which it can’t be at least till the soul enters which can’t happen until there is a brain to house the soul. And if some anti-choice tells you to see the heart beats or this or that, that does not indicate a soul has entered, example: cut a worm in two pieces and both pieces move….
Conservatives & antiChoice add words to the Bible that are not there & leave out what is there! Jesus warned against right-wing religious leaders “they have not come to God themselves, and they hinder those who were on their way!”    Read Matt 23:13.   Right-wingers teach “Another Jesus!” “Thus in VAIN do the masses worship God,,,,” “These people honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me!” “Those who lead you, lead you astray!” Jesus said “When you give a feast… go out into the streets & invite the homeless & the lame (disabled) who can never repay you” “loan to those who ask of ye without expecting to be paid back” “if someone needs & asks you for your coat, give them your vest as well!”
Republican / GOP push laws to let corrupt greedy money hungry people underpay overwork labor & overcharge consumers, the right-wing leaders want everyone’s money for they are greedy never satisfied and refuse to earn an honest dollar, so they set it up to make the poor & middle class support them & their GOP lackies get their cut of dirty money taken from those who really earned it & it is given to parasites, and they lie & say it is the other way to deceive the gullible!

Jesus said & meant : “Feed the Hungry” “Heal the Sick” “Do Not Hoard”   Read Matt 25:37-44  Not all who call upon the Lord God will be saved, only those that do the will of God!” “Depart from Me you are condemned! For when I was hungry you gave Me no food! When I was thirsty you gave Me no water! When you denied the least of My brethren you denied Me!”
Liberals pay better, tip better, love better & liberals with money say raise their taxes as Jesus demands all with money to help those without: Luke 6:20-3 1>; 12:48; 14;13; 16:19-25 Matt 6:19; 15:9, 25:37-44 etc etc etc ! Jesus said: “Every branch that does not produce good fruit, cut it off & cast it into the fire! Thus it is past time to cleans yourselves of conservative GOP evils, always taking from & using others, never giving, hoarding treasures of earth, and it is past time to follow JESUS as He is, very far left Liberal! AMEN! “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” ~Jesus


2 thoughts on “Like It Or Not: There Are No Conservative Christians

  1. Conservative Right-wing types have hated JESUS so long they have created Jesus in their evil godless hell-bound serpent image! But as Lord Jesus said: “Many who are first will be last & many who are last will be first!” Those who have now shall want…. Those who want now shall have… etc etc etc

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