Yes, I Love Animals

Yes, I Love Animals! Its hard to understand that some don’t love animals, its hard to understand unloving people, what they are after, what do they think they will get. Without love, there is nothing, no home, no light, no beauty. How can man/women not love animals. There are some people who by their own activity are no longer deserving of love, they did that to themselves. Animals are younger, their Spirits, their Souls, younger than man/women. Animals have not yet had the benefit of physical human verbal communication, and their Souls, their hearts, their lights deserve every chance that can be given. Yes, I love Animals, its irrational not to, makes no sense, no one can understand. We know it happens, but its irrational to choose that road, it makes no sense. Its a mental illness, a misconstruction in ones thinking its a mistake, its illogical to be illogical. Yes, I Love Animals.


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