TOMMY EXPLAINED

He that is bound on earth is bound in Spirit!

“The shepherd shall be struck and the sheep shall be scattered!”

“You shall all loose faith, satan desires to have your souls and shift them like wheat.”

TOMMY – The Overture: Knowing He Would Suffer Nearly Two Thousand Years, Jesus Goes Through The Crucifixion ( TOMMY – OVERTURE, See Movie for Nora Walker’s response to Captain Walker’s crash ie The Crucifixion ). 1921  1951 What About The Boy:  “He who is bound on earth is bound also in Spirit”
TOMMY hears them, He knows His mother ( representing the 12 apostles ) was taken, led astray by Frank/satan, TOMMY chooses to close His eyes His ears He don’t like the devil. Told them He did, believe Him they will!
The “parents” the mother ( Nora ) represent the apostles led astray after the crucifixion by ( Frank ) satan, the apostles refuse to acknowledge their sickness! Jesus saw it all and told them what would happen, : “satan will take your souls and shift you like wheat” Jesus after the crucifixion saw it all, Jesus saw satan enter into Peter John James and Jesus didn’t like it so He shut His eyes closed His ears to them! If you listen to ‘Blue Jays’ 1975 Hayward & Lodge ( MoodyBlues ) you will hear two of the fallen 12 apostles looking for Jesus back on earth. and Pete Townshend admits he didn’t write TOMMY but since 1988 he has stood with Hayward & Lodge teaching Jesus lost His mind after the crucifixion & must listen to them to be saved. Jesus Knows Better! Told them He did, believe Him they will!

Overture – YouTube

Overture – YouTube

I knew when I heard TOMMY in 1969/70 that Pete, who admits he didn’t write TOMMY but got it from above, had it wrong, for it is Pete’s ‘uncle frank’ that kills Captain Walker thus symbolic of Nora Walker Being lead astray as in the Movie TOMMY! Nora representing the apostles thinking Jesus was lead astray, but Jesus explained what was to happen! Pete’s ‘uncle frank’ doesn’t want Pete to see what they’ve done letting satan take their minds which Jesus does not will not see or hear for Jesus doesn’t like Pete’s ‘uncle frank!’  See Moody Blues: Backstage. for more details!

Ann Margret in Tommy (what about the boy?) – YouTube

Ann Margret in Tommy (what about the boy?) – YouTube

Tommy – Amazing Journey 2 – YouTube

Jesus knew what / who would enter the apostles after His crucifixion, and almost 2.000 years later Jesus doesn’t want to see Peter, John or James who allowed satan in their minds after Jesus was crucified, so Jesus knowing what would happen arranged that He would see Peter when He was 6 and Peter was 4, Peter a Key, a key in what would take place in the life of Jesus when He would return to earth, …. and Jesus would shut His eyes and ears and He shuts Himself off from hearing them at all,  to get over the apostles allowing themselves to be taken from God by an evil entity as Jesus foretold,  but Jesus heard it He saw it, He heard it, every word of it, and for the first time in almost 2.000 years Jesus would smile again going on the Amazing Journey being cheered up! And no matter how much Nora screams “TOMMY can you hear me” Jesus will go on shutting His eyes and ears to her!

Peter Hurt Jesus after the crucifixion, he let ‘Uncle Frank’ in his head! John & James also hurt Jesus by letting ‘Uncle Frank’ in their heads! The Shepard was struck and the sheep where scattered!” Pete Townshend Has Admitted he didn’t write TOMMY but got it from above, Ken Russell in the movie TOMMY got 1921/1951 What About the Boy, Ken got it right! In Cousin Kevin, Jesus puts Himself through a lot, Jesus beat Himself up! No one ells could put Jesus through as much as He put Himself through, Jesus

Before reading
“TOMMY EXPLAINED” readers should be familiar with:

Hayward & Lodge of Moody Blues Believe They Were Two of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus!

                                   TOMMY EXPLAINED!

The psychology of TOMMY from the crucifixion of JESUS to the present time…

A Ches Game Against Satan!

A Ches Game Against The Self-righteous Right-wing Conservative Religious Leaders Who Had Rome Crucify JESUS!

Explaining the fulfillment of the scriptures:

The Shepherd was struck as He said He would be and as He had planed!

Pete Townshend has admitted he did not write TOMMY but Pete has said he got TOMMY from above!

The Overture, in TOMMY the movie, shows the apostles , ( Nora Walker’s ) reaction to the crucifixion of Jesus.

From TOMMY EXPLAINED: Leaving His flesh Jesus sees Peter, John & James led astray from Him led astray by those born angry, by the angry hateful born with no love….  uncle frank!   Seeing this happen to them Jesus is hurt…  He Heard It, He Saw It, He Heard It, Every Word Of It! To recover Jesus must forget those He had loved who let uncle frank take them, to forget the pain, and forget them, He can forget what is was clearly in His mind after the crucifixion, Jesus must again be born an earth that He will forget the pain the apostles minus Judas who had hung himself, put Him through! Judas made a mistake allowed to take place by Jesus, satan loved seeing Jesus suffer, but satan born angry, didn’t want Jesus crucified.  As Jesus said to Peter “it is the devil speaking through you. It is necessary that I go to Jerusalem, if I don’t go the comforter will not come.  Jesus said to Peter “Get thee behind Me satan.”

1921/1951/What About The Boy?

The marriage of Nora Walker to uncle frank:   “satan desires to take your souls that he may shift them like wheat” “The shepherd will be struck and the sheep will be scattered!” ~Jesus

Marriage of Nora Walker to uncle frank:

1921 / 1951 / What About The Boy?

Marriage of Nora Walker to uncle frank       —

Ann Margret in Tommy (what about the boy?) – YouTube

Amazing Journey:  Dad & Great Grandpa Alpha Cheer Jesus up while Jesus chooses not to hear Nora or frank..Amazing Journey

Having been hurt by Peter John & James after the crucifixion, for the first time in almost 2000 years, Jesus starts to smile as Dad and Great Great Great Grandpa Alpha cheer Jesus up…

Amazing Journey 2 – YouTube

Tommy featuring Tina Turner The Acid Queen. – YouTube

Go into thy closet and shut the door, and meditate on God….

Tommy featuring Tina Turner The Acid Queen. – YouTube


The Who – Pinball Wizard – Tommy – 1969

Pinball Wizard (Tommy 1975) – YouTube

Thinking himself Mr Cool, Mr I got it all together, a competitive, highly respected honored Physicist, who had worked on SpaceWars, in the 1980s challenged, came to town competing against Jesus from before he arrived, this physicist was well thought of in many spheres of activity and had to be on top, he was competing against Jesus who was just being Himself, and the physicist lost to Jesus repeatedly…   The physicist’s wife knew Tommy Jesus would win, but since his daughter was rooting for Jesus as were the majority of those at the affair, his wife counted on Jesus winning but for moral support said she routed for her husband.  His brother was not so & raised Jewish didn’t go with Jesus and lost a bet.  The Physicist coming to Jesus’ town mid 80s, competing against Jesus for “Pinball” Title this Physicist raised his son to be great in school & sports, but had made him a basket-case around adults….  Jesus set that straight for them, about 12 years later this Physicist confirmed Jesus knows the Universe better the anyone on Earth save those who follow Jesus!  In 2005 a very famous physicist very well respected on his own confirmed the all the info given here and in my pieces on Hayward & Lodge as well as confirming the piece here on the Universe to be 100% fact!  Later this physicist taught contrary to what he knew was right from Jesus, this physicist falsified his findings & spoke &  wrote contrary to what he know to be true…..

Sparks (from the Movie Tommy) – YouTube

Ann Margret – Tommy (Smash the mirror) – YouTube

I’m Free – Tommy (1975) – YouTube

Sensation- The Who (Tommy) – YouTube

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Ann Margret – Tommy (Smash the mirror) – YouTube

I’m Free – Tommy (1975) – YouTube

Should it happen on earth, after Nora gets a little punishment:  Mother & Son.

Ann Margret in Tommy (healed) – YouTube

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Sensation- The Who (Tommy) – YouTube

Between 1985 and 2005 Sally Simpson was a little naughty, not like Peter John & James who went with uncle frank, but Jacob was a bit naughty and Jesus knew He would decided upon a punishment, before real time – before Pete did TOMMY. Emotion are powerful so Jesus seeing Sally Simpson knowing what He would do, needed to have someone keep Him from looking at Jacob when he crashes a meeting, should the resurrection take place on the planet, this number was done so Jesus would have someone keep Him from seeing Jacob’s tears “He couldn’t see through the lights!”

“Sally can’t go to the meeting!”

Sally Simpson (Tommy – Original Video With Lyrics) HQ – YouTube

Sally Simpson – YouTube

Should Nora get free of satan, her uncle Frank, for TOMMY does Not have an uncle frank, never had & never will, so either Nora comes back to Jesus will He is here, or Jesus, Jesus goes back Home gets cheered up and comes back later for those He loves and Peter John & James will be just a bad memory. But should Nora through TOMMY through the mirror He will still allow many who joined uncle frank and Nora to have God, He will clean them up, for they need to be prepared,  and you are so lucky!!!!

Either way, one way or another, weather TOMMY is thrown though the mirror or if Nora fails to throw TOMMY through the Mirror ( which could mean that it will be even up to 10,000 years till Jesus comes back)..   One way or another, Jesus will be resurrected before the third day, and sooner or latter Jesus will Shine brighter than the Sun which is within Him for those He loves here on earth! And Where Jesus Is …..             The Age Of Aquarius – The Kingdom of God!

The Who – Welcome – 1969 – YouTube

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Woodstock 1969 (18) – YouTube

We’re Not Gonna Take It- The Who (Tommy) – YouTube

THE WHO – See Me, Feel Me – Listening to You (1975) – YouTube

1969albumcover 9c4f000bd00ff0663fa80305804e17ed 34643 11222573_10156332758582355_7683353865390918324_n Amazingcrossjourney 11899854_10156332845702355_6947848316331610006_n 11846585_10156324890227355_1415021122217167978_n thtommtonstage tommy-170 il_570xN.269511803 captiancrucified captianwalkerholdingthelight


KEY TO CHARACTERS:  Captain Walker represents Jesus about 2,000 years ago!  Nora Walker represents the apostles before and after the crucifixion to the present time along with others that play a key role in the life of Jesus! TOMMY represents Jesus having come back to get over the hurt caused to Him by Peter, John, James..  Frank represents that which Jesus spoke of who would led the apostles ( minus Judas ) astray…

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Believing Themselves 2 of the 12 apostles of Jesus, Justin Hayward & John Lodge of Moody Blues wrote the 1975 LP ‘Blue Jays’ searching for Jesus on earth! see me on Twitter @GOPisUnAmerican   Sons of Thunder!


10 thoughts on “TOMMY EXPLAINED!!!

  1. Before the Crucifixion. the Gospels tell of Peter saying to Jesus “Master. you said you will go to Jerusalem and be put to death, it is our job to stop you…” Jesus said unto Peter: “For this reason I came….” “it is the devil speaking through you” “Get thee behind Me satan!” satan loved to see Jesus suffer the pains of Crucifixion and more so after the Crucifixion when satan got into the heads of Peter, John & James… but satan didn’t want the Crucifixion…. “Get thee behind Me satan!”

  2. Paul was far from perfect thus he admitted he was a babe in Christ, not a PHD or Adult or teenager or 5th grader, a babe, who understood only in part. But when the apostles were led away from Jesus after the crucifixion back into following the laws from Moses…. etc etc Paul who wrote “that you may have peace & Comfort, did Receive from & Testify of Jesus! Do the Math!
    Arjuna had not made it when he was Arjuna, Paul was very Hindu in ways: renounce this that everything, while Jesus said its cool , but seek first the Kingdom of God…. Satan didn’t want Jesus crucified but liked seeing Him suffer, satan who was born angry entered Peter John James after the crucifixion,….. Told them Jesus did, believe they will!
    In 2005 a very well known respected physicist confirmed all here and in my piece “Let Start At the Very Beginning…..” he later chose to falsify what he found and …….

  3. In 2005 a very well known respected physicist confirmed all here and in my piece “Let Start At the Very Beginning…..” he later chose to falsify what he found and ……

    Read : “The Universe, Life, God, Physics, Metaphysics – Lets Start At The Very Beginning!”

    and learn the truth!

    COULD BE youtube google wordpress pete townshend ……

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