Noah’s Ark Pet Groomers: 1212 S. Eastern LV NV Puts Dog(s) In Danger!!!


Noah’s Ark Groomers 1212 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, NV. 89104 I told groomer 1 of my 3 dogs had an abscess in 2008 & needs to have his sacs excreted or it could happen again. Groomer assured me he knows how to do so. After paying for service, which no receipt is given, I learn this groomer has no clue that a dog has two sacs at the 4 & 8 o’clock positions, he had no knowledge of this till I told him. Groomer says to excrete the gland (not glands) lift tail & give a push with hand under the anas….
When I went back Tuesday Feb/19/2014 I tried to show him video(s) on how to excrete sacs, he yells & screams at me that he knows what he’s doing says he has integrity, I had to tell him a dog has two glands and where they are, he…

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